SharePoint 2013 Configuration Wizard fails with SQL Server max degree of parallelism error

Recently I tried to install SharePoint 2013 in my test environment based on the multiple servers for a three-tier farm scenario, where my SQL Server is on another machine and I got the following error during SharePoint 2013 Products Configuration Wizard:

Failed to create the configuration database

Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: This SQL Server instance does not have the required “max degree of parallelism” setting of 1. Database provisioning operations will continue to fail if “max degree of parallelism” is not set 1 or the current account does not have permissions to change the setting.” See documentation for details on manually changing the setting.

I encountered this during farm creation on the first SharePoint server installation. Luckily this error message is really helpful and self-explanatory. To remediate this go to your SQL server and in”Server Properties“under”Advanced“tab set the”Max Degree of Parallelism“to 1.



If you also follow the official installation guide you should never encounter this error because it says to set this parameter on the SQL server side.“Note to myself: next time read the documentation more carefully

If you actually open the mentioned logfile (PSCDiagnostics) you will see the same exception in there:


If you are following official Microsoft guide about the accounts ( it is also make sense that your current account cannot change this, because you are using the Setup account which has the following rights:

  • administrator on the current machine
  • has an sql login on the specified sql instance
  • has dbcreator and securityadmin (SA if the account needs to change the setting through the wizard)

More information about max degree of parallelism: