Powershell: Split text file in multiple files


I had a rather big file with 35000 items in it. I wanted to take a phased approach and found a script to split the CSV file based on a number of lines per file. Script Center repository:”http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/scriptcenter/PowerShell-Split-large-log-6f2c4da0

I tweaked the script a little bit, so only the parameters that are necessary are File Name and Number of Lines Per File.

$linecount = 0
$filenumber = 1

$sourcefilename = Read-Host "What is the full path and name of the log file to split? (e.g. D:\mylogfiles\mylog.txt) "
$destinationfolderpath = Split-Path $sourcefilename -parent

$srcfile = gci $sourcefilename
$filebasename = $srcfile.BaseName
$fileext = $srcfile.Extension

Get-Content $sourcefilename | Measure-Object | ForEach-Object { $sourcelinecount = $_.Count }

Write-Host "Your current file size is $sourcelinecount lines long"

$destinationfilesize = Read-Host "How many lines will be in each new split file? "

$maxsize = [int]$destinationfilesize

Write-Host File is $sourcefilename - destination is $destinationfolderpath - new file line count will be $destinationfilesize

Write-Host "Writing part: $destinationfolderpath$filebasename`_part$filenumber$fileext"
$content = get-content $sourcefilename | % {
 #Add-Content $destinationfolderpath$filebasename_$filenumber.txt "$_"
 Add-Content $destinationfolderpath$filebasename`_part$filenumber$fileext "$_"
  $linecount ++
  If ($linecount -eq $maxsize) {
    $linecount = 0
    Write-Host "Writing part: $destinationfolderpath$filebasename`_part$filenumber$fileext"